Episode 17: THA HƯƠNG: MAY MẮN HAY BẤT HẠNH CHO NGƯỜI TỊ NẠN? || English + Vietnamese

Following last week’s discussion, we have Nguyễn Thanh Việt to discuss his perspective on what happened last week in Afghanistan as well as the incoming influx of immigration to the U.S. What does it mean for the people of Afghanistan when they become stateless as their whole world comes to an end? Should they be grateful? What could have prevented this tragedy? Join us this Sunday, August 29, 2021, at 6 pm to discuss Part 2 of our Afghanistan series.

Episode 16: Khi Đồng Minh Tháo Chạy | U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan | Vietnamese

As the world watched The Fall of Kabul to Taliban coup unfold in real-time over the past couple of days, many Vietnamese Americans couldn’t help but find themself reminded of the Fall of Saigon 1975 due to the invading of the North Vietnamese. Today, we want to talk about how these two events relate together as well as bring some Primary insights into both situations and help shed a light on the upcoming changes in Afghanistan.