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Không Nói Không Biết is a Vietnamese channel led by Vietnamese youth of North America that reports in both the English and Vietnamese language (Tiếng Việt). All news reporting will be based on facts, not opinions, or biased information. Thus, the goal is to help both Vietnamese elders as well as youth, who are not fluent in Vietnamese, to share and discuss the episodes within the Vietnamese family and communities.

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Current Problems in Vietnamese media:

1. A lot of Vietnamese news channels on tv/cable, youtube, and other media news reporting have biased This kind of reporting is not helpful in building the Vietnamese community and will only divide it. We talk about the Vietnamese government using the Vietnamese media to report biased and “fake news” to the people of Vietnam but we all know the media in Vietnam are controlled by the Vietnamese government. Therefore, it’s hard to change that. Now, are we in a similar situation if we continue to listen and watch biased news or “fake news” from these Vietnamese media in North America? Won’t this continue to hurt the Vietnamese communities? Won’t the Vietnamese community be looked down on by other communities and view our communities as biased and uneducated?

2. Vietnamese American youth are having a hard time communicating with their parents and Vietnamese elders about current events and issues that are happening in North America as some of them are not fluent in the Vietnamese language.

Conclusion: The Vietnamese communities in North America will continue to be hurt if they don’t have a reliable and trusted news channel. Therefore, Không Nói Không Biết is the product of this solution! 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Pham Tran: Great work guys !! Time to get rid of those fake news youtube channels

Drewzytran: Was so excited for this! You guys didn’t disappoint. Keep on spreading correct facts/information and the real truth, it is really what we need in this day and age. Hoan ho cac ban tre! 💓🙏

Vanessa Huynh: Thanks for creating this channel! I’m also Vietnamese American and I’d love to have these conversations with my conservative parents, but it’s hard when you don’t know terms like Bieu Tinh. This will probably help spark that conversation with my family! I would love to hear what topics you’ll have in store for us! Would love to see you talk about issues regarding Covid and the mistreatment/discrimination of immigrants in the US. Thanks again guys, keep up the good work 🙂